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Victoria Rogers

writer of paranormal romance

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Victoria Rogers is the debut author of The Witch and the Stag, now out with Changeling Press! They are an award-winning podcaster and dabble in game design. You can find them in the kitchen making wine, brewing beer, or writing in the garden.

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The Witch and the Dreamwalker

October 29, 2021

It’s 1982, and rising star Vivian McKinley is determined to climb the corporate ladder of a growing paranormal security firm. With the help of Xavier Prince, President and CEO of Prince Charms, Vivian uncovers a plot to take over the business. The pair navigate office politics and machinations to prove a psychic vampire’s treachery.

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The Witch and the Stag

August 27, 2021

As a solitary witch, Maddy McKinley’s job is to ensure her community is safe from paranormal harm. When a routine neighborhood exorcism goes wrong, Maddy finds herself haunted by a poltergeist that has been hounding her family for generations. With the help of the hunky godling across the street, Maddy must learn to set aside her family traditions and work with another before the poltergeist destroys her.

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The Witch and the Stag

Victoria does what they do best, here, and that is present a wondrous story that captures the imagination from start to finish. There's also a lot of very steamy bits to the story… If you enjoy well-described characters, believable dialogue, and character choices, very sexy romance that shines from a place of safety and consent, then this book would be perfect for you to read.

5 Stars from Ryan B., Amazon Review

The Witch and the Stag

The Witch and the Stag is a fun, sexy romp of a novella. An exorcism goes wrong and it’s up to Maddy and a certain sexy godling to work together to purge the poltergeist before it destroys them. Rogers kept the pacing tight and fluid and the spice levels hot in this story. Would recommend this series to everyone who loves a good romance.

5 Stars from Kennedi Robinson, Amazon Review

The Witch and the Stag

This book promises paranormal romance and it delivers! Between steamy scenes, we're introduced to a world where the occult is a known thing and get our first look at the McKinley family of witches. This first entry in the series is a modern story, following a witch store owner who meets a godling bar owner. Things escalate from there, both in the romance department and in the supernatural. The characters are fun, likeable, and relatable.

5 Stars from R. Kreutz-Landry, Amazon Review

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